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Crime Scene

 24 Hour Clean Up Service

Trauma Scene
There can be a monumental mess left behind after a trauma scene location is released. This is the type of scene often portrayed only on TV and in the movies. When a major accident or trauma situation has occurred at a residence, an apartment, at an industrial or commercial site, an experienced cleaning service is crucial.Disaster Recon has years of experience with all types of trauma and accident scenes. We have the equipment and trained certified professional staff available to manage any size situation.

Crime Scene
Crime Scene Cleanup Service of Cleveland Ohio works with all types of situations from homicide, suicide or assault. These kind of incidents often leave behind residue of blood or fluids and other remants of death. After the police finish their investigation and release the area, we will clean and restore your property back to before the incident happened.

Biohazard Clean Up & Removal
Cleveland Ohio Biohazard Remediation & Clean Up Service. Disaster Reconstruction has many years of experience in all types of natural and man made disasters. If you or a loved one has a crime or trauma scene in your home or business and need emergency restoration service anywhere in the Cleveland metro area call now.  


Hoarding and Vandalism bigstock clutter 24080114                                               
Who knows what is growing or what type of animals or bugs are living in a home that has been destroyed by vandals or in which a hoarder has been packing items on top of each other for years. Let the experts at Crime Scene Cleanup Service of Cleveland Ohio deal with the problem of clean up, removal and disposal of the garbage.

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